We were sitting on our sala watching TV when suddenly Sophia shouted:

"Look Lola look! There's a dinosaur on our window, look! "

I know Sophia just wanted to distract me from TV because she wanted me to play with her, and so I said,

"OK, OK, tell Dino to wait till the ADs come".

"No! He is now moving; he is going to eat the bird!"

I know she would not stop and so I look to the window; it is just moving my head a little to the sides anyway, no big effort really.

"Now, where's the Dino, I can't see any?"

I was just being honest; I really can't see any Dinosaur on our window.

"Look again Lola, he is moving his head."  And she pointed her little fingers to the window.

This time I take a longer look to see what is keeping my granddaughter so excited and this time,

                               I SAW IT  !      I SAW THE DINO  !

A bunch of leaves has formed like a Dinosaur, complete with its head and tail, and when the wind makes the leaves move, it makes the Dino moves too. And ... at the end of another branch facing Dino's head is a Maya bird.

I look at Sophia and smiled, "You are right there is a Dino on our window."

Sophia looked at me and smiled.

"I told you so Lola.".

 Just a day of wandering in a child's la la  land.