The Tooth Fairies

One day, while we were watching a funny TV movie, Sophia saw his Lolo Ben;s gum with a missing
tooth;  this started a conversation.

“Lolo did you put your missing tooth under the pillow?”

“Why? Why will your Lolo put his tooth under the pillow?”

“Because the tooth fairy will come at night when he is sleeping and will get the tooth and will give him money. Lolo will be rich.”

“Why, what will the tooth fairy do with all the teeth that she gets?”

This question leaves her thinking. After a while she said.

“She will give it to the dentist and the dentist will keep it in the jars and put the jars in the cabinets.”

“What happens when the cabinet is full of jars with teeth? What will he do with them?”

Well, the dentist will give it back to God.”

And what will God do with all of those teeth?”

“Give them to those who have no teeth, like the newborn babies -  they do not have teeth. God will give them those teeth.”