My friend and I always talk about ageing, the fun and the pain of it. When I wrote ‘Life is a relay’, I immediately sent him a copy.

He wrote me back and below are excerpts from his reply;

" My dear Neneng,

Your essay is timely because I've precisely been discussing the subject with my children, although in a different context.

We've become one big happy happy family and very supportive of each other especially in sustaining the medicines and care for their mother. The trouble is that in the process I could not see any sign on the part of my children that they could see themselves taking care of their parents eventually. I get the feeling they think Dad is a superman incessantly doing all the things he has been doing for years...........

'For wife and me, this is about the end of the "relay”. We can't run anymore. The baton is on the table now. The children have to take over so that we can enjoy the rest of our lives
. "

Sounds familiar?

Almost all children see their parents as Superman. Superman does not need help even if he is 80.

Most parents wanted their children to “feel” their needs. Unless your child is psychic or have telepathic abilities, they will never see Superman using a cane or a wheel chair. Superman needs to tell.

But Oh ....I can relate with you. Sometimes, telling is hard to do. We Seniors got pride too, you know.

I wrote him back;

"You have prepared your children to carry on the run, by all means, now that you cannot run anymore, pass the baton and sit in the bleacher: watch your generation run."

"Don't worry, it will be a nice life, sitting in the bleacher, cheering and clapping for your runners, and best of all? eating popcorns and drinking soda that your runners paid for."

"Enjoy your reward. As you always said ... Its Harvest time."

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