Sophia's Thank You Letter To Her Mom's OB-gyne

Sophia was born premature at San Pedro Hospital, Davao City, Philippines, last February 22,2011.  She weighs a mere 2.1 lbs at birth (less than akilo ), and stayed at the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ), for 54 days.  This is her thank you letter to Dr. Bernadette Yolanda Angel Tuazon, her mom's Ob-gyne. 

Dear Dra. Tuazon,

I am now a year old.  As I say my thanks to the Lord for giving me life, I also say

             “Thank you Dra. Tuazon …
              Thank you for taking good care of me and my Mom
              When I was still in her womb and when I was born … “

 Because of your care, and with the Lord’s blessing, I survived. 

I’m sure you do not recognize me anymore.  I certainly don’t look like the 2.1 lbs.  baby you saved. This is how I look then;
Do you still remember that day ?  Well, just to give you a glimpse;

A year ago, February 22, 2011, to be exact, you scope me up from my mom’s belly and gave me to Dr. Gallardo. My mom was just 7 months pregnant then but she has no choice, you found out that I was not taking nutrients for a week already because  …  I so twisted my umbilical cord that no food could pass thru it. 

During that night, you never left Mom and me alone in the operating room. You would now and then monitor my heartbeat and made sure I will be ok. Oh ! How many times you put your stethoscope on Mom’s belly, I lost count. You just don’t know it, but every time you do that ? I would move too, just to let you know I’m holding on and waiting for you to let me out because you see, I am so hungry already.  Whatever nutrients I got ? I put it on my head; maybe the reason why my head is so big and my stomach have lazy muscles.  But that’s ok, my stomach can wait, I wanted to grow smart too, you know.

I am lucky you never gave up on me.

I was happy when you finally opened up my Mom.  To be honest, I was a bit afraid too. I do not understand then why I can’t turn round on my own anymore and why I am held upside down.  I cried real loud to let you know that I am afraid and I am cold, but all I heard was your happy voice exclaiming “success ! ! “. Somehow,  that comforted me.  I knew then that I will be ok.

I would have wanted to tell you more of me but this is getting to be a long thank you already and there are still many babies out there waiting for you to let them out from their cocoon,  so I might as well say my bye and once more say;

Thank you Dra. Tuazon,  may our Lord continue to bless you with a steady hand and a caring heart and guide the mom’s with babies like me, to your way.

Rain Sophia Gamboa

P.S. I asked my Grandma to do the typing for me, you see, I could already stand on my own, and do what other full term babies can do like ; close/ open; bye-bye;  up/down;  saying Ma and Pa, points to my head, nose, ears, mouth, etc. but there is still one thing that I cannot do; I still cannot write.

By the way, the last time I weigh, I am already 18lbs quite a feat huh !