Sophia's Thank you letter to NICU

Sophia was born premature at San Pedro Hospital, Davao City, Philippines, last February 22,2011.  She weighs a mere 2.1 lbs (less than a kilo ) at birth and stayed at the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ), for 54 days.  This is her thank you letter to the NICU nurses who took very good care of her .

Hi my NICU Mothers,

I am now a year old.  As I say my thanks to the Lord for giving me life, I also say,

              Thank you my NICU mothers …
              Thank you for taking good care of me    
              During my struggle to survive …

 Because of your care, and with the Lord’s blessing, I made it. 

Do you still remember me ? Can you still recognize the little baby that you once delicately held in your arms for 54 days ? I bet not anymore. 

Well, this is me then, so very very small, a mere .950 grams ( Ugh ! I’m lighter than a kilo of rice ) … big head, big big stomach.

Just a glimpse of those moments in time …

A year ago, February 22, 2011 to be exact, Dra. Tuazon scope me up from my mom’s belly and gave me to Dr. Gallardo. My mom was just 7 months pregnant then but she has no choice, Dra. Tuazon found out that I was not taking nutrients for a week already because I so twisted my umbilical chord that no food could pass thru it.  

After 3 days, Mom went home without me. I was left in your care.  

Although Mom would visit me every day, it was always  you, my NICU Mommies, who would give me my milk, bath me daily, made sure I am still breathing, change my diapers, and everything else that my Mom could not give me yet.  For 54 days, my comfort and my well-being depended on you; I am glad you really take very good care of me.

  My NICU memories …

I remember … whenever I am cold and so lonely, I would turn round and round on my crib, hoping to catch your attention. I would hear one of you say “ ikaw Rain ha, wala ka nang ginawa kundi umikot ng umikot sa crib mo”. Oh ! the scolding was just a façade because you would then carry me in your arms and sang me a Lullaby.

….  I thank you for the comfort and the warmth of your body.

I remember  … when I am hungry, I would cry really loud and I would hear “ Gutom ka na naman Rain ? kulang milk mo ?”. I knew, you so desperately wanted to give me more milk, but I understand, you have to limit my milk, my stomach is growing big.

…  I thank you for the caring.

I remember …. when one of you would tickle my butt with a supp urging me to make poo on my own. I could sense then, you don’t want me to undergo a segmental biopsy op for hirschsprung. You said, my body is so small, that given time, I may eventually poo on my own and gain weight.  

… I thank you for the compassion.

I remember too …  that time when you saw my Mom and my Grandma in near tears and you told them , “ do not worry Mam, female babies have better chances than males  and Sophia is a strong baby,  she has no serious medical issues too. ”. Aah, how sweet those words were to my Mom and my Grandma’s ears.

…  I thank you for the sympathy.  

You just don’t know it,  but your daily talking to me somehow assures me that everything will be ok, that I could eventually be with my family, that my “failure to thrive” and my suspected “hirschsprung “ would eventually clear up.  And yes, you were right.

After 54 days, Mom and Dad eventually took me home.

…. So many memories, so many moments to thank for: I could not write them all.

Perhaps someday, when I get a little older, Mama and Papa could take me back to the NICU to visit you.

Hugs and kisses to you, my NICU Mommies !

Rain Sophia Gamboa

 P.S. I asked my Grandma to do the typing for me, you see, I could already stand on my own, and do what other full term babies can do like ; close/ open; bye-bye;  up/down;  saying Ma and Pa, points to my head, nose, ears, mouth, etc. but there is still one thing that I cannot do; I still cannot write.

By the way, the last time I weigh, I am already 18lbs quite a feat huh !