I knew he will ask. It's been days now since he asked me to get a ticket and follow him to Davao.

"What day next week are you arriving?" my husband Ben asked.

“But I can’t get a ticket yet for next week, the piano isn’t sold yet,” I protested.

“Did you place an advertisement on the Sunday newspaper? Placing a “for sale” sign on our gate is ok but unless there are kids taking piano lessons on the neighbourhood, you have a slim chance,” my husband said.

“Yes, I already did, and that’s for two Sundays in a row and in two leading newspapers at that. Mind you, It’s costly hah; it cost me almost a thou,” I answered.

We are migrating to my hometown Davao City. Ben, my husband is already there and most of our things were shipped already, only the piano and the car remained. I did not worry much about the car, Ben’s brother Eddie expressed interest. It is the Piano that I am worried about. What will I do with it if I can’t find a buyer? It is too heavy and expensive to bring.

It was a treble Piano, in good condition and we were just selling it for 10thou and yet there were no takers. My newspaper advertisement brought me two inquiries and nothing more; nothing came out of the inquiries.

When my daughter in-law Liza heard of our dilemma, she suggested I try advertising it online.

“Try Mom, I sold our car thru them. Young people turn online for their needs now. Someone might be searching the internet for a Piano right now and they usually go to,” she said.

“What is “ I asked.

“It is an online advertising site, it is free and it brings fast result.”

I can’t believe it at first, a site that brings fast result yet it is free? Anyhow, sucker for free that I am, I search for the website on Google. I found it, the website is  sulit. I click on the “post a free ad” tab; it says I have to sign up first, so I did.

I found out I could also post pictures on the site, so I took pictures of the Piano in all angles; side, front, back, with the cover down and with the cover open. Of course I took extra effort to polish and make it really gleaming before we took the pictures. First impression counts right?

The instructions are so simple and easy to follow that even a 60 yr. Old grandma like me have no trouble posting an advertisement. In fact, I found posting an ad online easier and hassle free than placing an ad on paper. No need to go to the office, no expense, and you get result very fast.

Yes, I got very fast result on the ad that I placed on the sulit site.

True to my daughter-in-law’s words, the very day my advertisement showed up on the site, a young man from Tarlac, a 5hour away province up North, texted asking for direction to our place ( at that time I still didn’t know that you could post a Google map on your add). He said he is a Piano teacher, that he loves the look of the Piano on the site but wanted to take a closer look. He begs me not to sell the Piano to other buyers.

Beg not to sell? Oh Wow! For him our Piano was a hot potato. I could have begged him not to change his mind.

The following morning, he came early. He was just 23 yrs old, came from a family of musicians and he has a Piano school in Tarlac.

The young man knows his craft. He took out the top part of the piano, tested the inside keys one by one with his instrument and then he played a piece and, that’s it. The fastest sale I ever made.

I was so glad I could have danced all night (notwithstanding aching old bones). I didn’t just found a new home for our piano, I also found a new owner that would take good care of our beloved Piano.

Now, all I have to do is call my brother-in-law Eddie, so he could get the car and I could get a ticket.
She was with us for more than 30 years.