The party has just began.
In one corner, two men were heard talking.
Their conversation goes like this;

"Sometimes helping somebody is not wise."

"How is that so?"

"Well, I once gave a 500 thou loan to a friend, now we are friends no more. No matter how many times I asked him to pay, he won’t budge."

"Let me see, did you ask him to sign a loan contract?"

"Yes, but it was not notarized, we being friends, uhum ... that was before I gave him the loan."

"Do you have witnesses to the transaction?"

"Yes, a mutual friend."

"Sue him then."

"I don’t know, seems like a hassle."

"Reason why crooks abound, they always get away free."

"You are right, I must do my duty, but then...I do not know how to go about it, I Know no lawyer."

"Your luck, I am a lawyer."

"Oh you think I can get my money back?"

"You have a strong case; you have a signed contract and a witness."

"But how much would it cost to hire you? they said every time your lawyer attends the hearing, your wallet goes with him."

"Ah, they mean the appearance fee, yes, and aside from that, you need to pay an acceptance fee, but we can ask the court to impose actual and moral damages, the crook must refund your litigation expenses."

"So I will get my money back?"

"Of course, the law of the land must prevail."


"Attorney, you said we will win and I can get my money back, how come the decision is not in our favour?"

"Yes, I cannot believe it either; there is miscarriage of justice here. Just because your witness refused to testify and the contract was inconsistent with your testimony does not mean he may not pay. A loan is a loan and must be paid back. Don’t worry, we will make an appeal. This time I will make sure the case will land to the sala of an honest and fair judge."

"Ok Attorney, I trust you."


"Attorney, it’s been yrs now since our appeal, how come we do not have a decision yet?"

"Cases like this usually take years to decide. We are now on the 3RD yr so I believe we will be getting the decision anytime soon."

"Ok Attorney, you have my trust."

........ON THE 7TH YEAR

The rites has just ended.
A group of men were heard talking.
Their conversation goes like this;

"We will surely miss our friend."

"Yes, we will. Was it his heart?"

"Yes, his wife said the attack came right after he came home from his attorney’s office, must be the 35 degrees heat."

"Yes, it must be the heat, it's terrible, never had it this high before."

"Wait ...that is his attorney leaving. You have to excuse me guys, I need to talk to him, I have this friend who owes me money and would not pay, maybe he can help me."

And the story begins again...