Luck, they said, always comes unexpected. You must always be prepared to welcome it because If you are not ready when it comes knocking at your door, it will turn its back on you and knock on your neighbor’s door.

When I retired from work and could not find another way to earn income, I thought I will be forced to swallow my pride and live on the dole out of my children.

But just as when my world of confidence was about to end, a whole new world of opportunities that I never even thought of, opened up. New Technologies like cell phones and computers, and terms like globalization and offshore outsourcing's were introduced, and with them comes the need for virtual assistants. 

I am glad I did not stop learning because my introduction to the computer was in some way a preparation for the luck that came knocking at my door, the online jobs. I became a virtual assistant and I started earning again.

If you already knew how to use the computer, hug your luck, you can be a virtual assistant.  
 But what really is a VA or a virtual assistant ?

A virtual assistant is pretty much the same as the office secretary or admin assistant or whoever that works in an office. The only thing that sets them apart is that the latter does his 8 to 5 job in the office and uses the office computers, while a virtual assistant does his job at his own pace, in his own place, and uses his own computer.

 If you are a virtual assistant, you work for a boss that does not see you and only talks to you via the computer, never personal.

How can oldies fit in as Virtual Assistants?

Oldies are still goodies. With our years of working experience, we have a lot to contribute to this world. We may be ready by now to pass the baton to our children but  we can still run the extra mile. There are so many things that we can still do, like;

If you were a secretary or an admin assistant before you retired, simple tasks like internet searching and data gathering will be very easy for you,

If you were in sales and marketing, you can do products write ups, sales pitch and advertisements,

If you were a copywriter and have writing skills you can submit articles and if you were doing typing jobs, then you can do Data entry.

These are just examples. There are many more jobs out there that might just tap a skill that you would otherwise lose.  Stretch your brain muscles again, as long as you know how to do the task required, you will qualify because in virtual jobs, age and appearance does not matter; the only thing that would matter is your brain and your attitude. 

Note ; As of this writing (Dec 2016), author does not do VA works anymore, busy blogging. Goal now is to be able to leave our footprints for the next of our generation to read and admire and ... to smile or  to scowl  -  depends on how our footprints are done. 

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