It was a hot, humid, Sunday afternoon. We were sitting in the porch sipping cold lemon juice when my daughter Sheila, suddenly said;

“Mom, you remember your promise?”

“What promise?“ I asked.

“You said if I needed any help, I could count on you, do you remember that? I need them now Mom.”

“Of course you can count on me, so what can I do for you?” I asked.

“Please write me an article about an oldie doing online jobs. I want your own experience mom.”

Quite a request . . . I have never written a piece, not even a page in a diary. All I ever remember writing were the required school essays when I was in high school and that was 45 long years ago.

“Shell, I have a confession to make, I almost did not pass my English subjects.”

“But mom, all you have to do is to write down your experience, it is just like telling your friends what you are doing now,” my daughter said.

“You know that is different, my friends would not mind my grammar and spelling,” I countered.

You can at least try. You will be doing me a great favour.”

You can at least try . . . These were exactly the words I gave them as encouragement whenever they were facing difficult tasks. How can I not practice my own mantra?

The pendulum . . . it is now my turn.

Mustering courage, I sat in front of my computer and told the machine how I became a virtual assistant and how that job saved me from depression.

When I gave her my piece, I felt so triumphant, not because I made it: But because I have proven once again . . . it pays to try.

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