Retirement -Contributed by Ben Zaldivar

                                                          A  RETIREMENT  HAVEN !

Holding a live Starfish at Isla REta

There is a place in the Philippines......

where people neither see nor experience a typhoon in their entire life. Occasional rains, yes, but 'Manila like typhoon', is none existent in this place.

Where Fruits and vegetables are abundant and very cheap.

..... Where you can easily move around the city for a 8 peso ride in a Jeepney.

..... Where public transpo is available 24 hours a day...

.... Where crime rate is very low and walking at night is not scary.


Where the people are friendly.

... Where life as a whole is peaceful and not stressful.



Peoples Park

Where the beach is just a few minutes away from the city.

Isla Reta in Talikud Island

Where there are zip lines within the city ,

Maa Zipline

Where can you find a place like this?  

             DAVAO CITY !  PHILIPPINES !


                                   ************ The place where we opted to retire.************

                            ********* MAAYONG BUNTAG SA INYONG TANAN ! ! !**********

Our retirement house in Davao City