TYPHOON ONDOY
                                                               Sept 2009

                                 At that time, there was no hatred; there was no greed,
                                 neither was there talk of politics and religion ...
                                there was just "empathy"

The nine-hour deluge submerged houses, washed away vehicles, turned roads into rivers and, subdivisions into oceans.

In some areas, water reached as high as the roofs of 2nd floor storey houses. This flood water rose so fast that terrified residents who acted too late were forced to climb the roofs of their houses.

They stayed there thirsty, hungry, and cold: rescue came 2 to 3 days later.

It was a very heart wrenching situation.
There were so many lives lost,

so many properties destroyed, and so many families shattered. But out of that savage onslaught of nature, one sweet moment emerged;

it was a moment that says " he is not heavy, he is my brother".

And out of this calamity sprang the many silent heroes of our land... the men and women who risked their lives to save someone else's life.

Although the deluge may have devastated our nation, it also brought out the best of "humanity" - help came from all over the world

Tragedy somehow paints all men's skin with just one color and make all the men's heart beat as one.

Note; The photos used here are not mine (I didn't have the time to take pics as we were in a hurry to evacuate our house too). They were taken from other sources that reported the onslaught of  typhoon Ondoy. I give my thanks to the anonymous photographers.