our beloved car
When my children all got married and left for their own homes, my husband Ben and I decided it is time to move back to my hometown, Davao City. We will be near relatives, life would be less stressful and commodities less expensive.

We then started disposing of our accumulated things. Some of our things were given to relatives and friends; some were shipped to Davao and some, sold thru a garage sale. At the end of all these, two items remain to be sold; our car and our piano.

Last week I posted my experience on selling my piano thru (Fastest Sale I Ever Made). In this post, I will be telling on how I sold my car thru the same website.

Right after I sold our piano, I immediately called my husband’s brother, Eddie. He expressed interest on our car and we were sure, he would buy it. The car is well maintained and the price that we are giving him was way below the market price, puede pa pag-usapan ang term; in short, I found no reason for Eddie not to buy our car.

To our dismay, Eddie was out of the country; he left for Singapore the day I sold the piano and will be staying there for 30 days. Thirty days is too long to wait... Ben suggested that we bring the car to Davao. I loved the car but bringing it to Mindanao is impractical. We are already old; driving at night may not be a good idea.

Then I remembered the site. The next day we took pictures of the car, front, back and 2 sides and then posted it as for sale, under the vehicle category of the site.

You may not believe it but I sold the car the very next day. When my friends knew about it, they asked me to sell some of their “for sale” stuffs thru the site too. This started my affair with; an affair that now brings me money.

Here is the story of my first earning thru;

One time, a relative that is in Mandaue told me that their company is selling their “canter” and that they are willing to give a commission. I immediately asked the description of the vehicle and posted it on site. After several days, the secretary told me that she deposited P 10,000.00 to my account as my commission. One businessman who answered my ad and whom I directed to the company bought the canter.

If the site were a person, I could have hugged him. Imagine, I am living in Davao city, yet I earned a 10 thou commission for selling a vehicle that is in Mandaue.

I really can say, earning through sulit knows no boundaries.

I thank for helping me sell our car and piano and for giving me a new avenue to earn extra income as well.

Goodbye Tisay !