: "hi tita neneng! thank you for sharing this. naman! iyak ako ng iyak habang binabasa ko ito - i missed them nanay osang, lola impiang, lola feling, lolo itong & even lolo ano & lolo ado. kailan kya tyo mag g-grand reunion? sana soon!"

ang daming lessons. ahahhaa.. naiiyak nga ako s sobrang touch s kwento mo e. tita more kwento are an encouragement..i will share nga din s mga friends ko ung blog mo. looking forward to read more of your  stories.  Arlene S.                                                    **********************************
                                                                   Very nice blog you have. I didn't know you can write that good. Sulat mo rin ako - feature mo rin ako sa blog mo.  LILIA                                                       **********************************
                                                                         btw nabasa ko nga pala ang blog mo galing mo ah! mag cocomment sana ko kasi inspired ako ng mabasa ko at feel na feel kong mag comment pero on second thought bigla akong umurong kasi .. parang gusto ko ring gumaya sa iyo....anong malay mo pagbalik diyan tignan ko ang pwede kong gawin para sa self improvement ko. wala namang masama kong kahit na matanda na ko mag start ako di ba at palagay ko matutuwa ang family ko sa gagawin ko.   EDNA                                                       **********************************
                                                                       WOW!!!!!!!!! I am blown away. Seriously Tita Neng. The stories are simple but very heartfelt and they really resonate to me. You inspire me to write as well. This is really good. Please write some more. I will read them. You have a distinct writing voice. You give the narrator a good character. I can feel what she feels. Actually, I haven't touched a book for some time now and reading your blog makes me miss it. This summer, I will read a good book by the park, Thank you for writing and inspiring me. Mommy should read this.I will forward to her. PRINCESS                                                       **********************************
                                                                             I read your blog, and i would say they are really fine works of a writer. you really write well, able to communicate what you want to say, and at the same time it entertains. what i mean in it intertains is that what you are saying is something natural, down to earth and the reader could relate to it, especially to me who is now on the last stretch of her race. if you know somebody in the daily newspapers business, i would suggest you submit your articles and see what they say. i think you can just go visit one of those newspapers in their office and maybe talk to the editor, or the assistant editor or anybody in the management level. i think that as long as you are not there during their deadline time, i'm sure somebody will talk to you. i really mean it neng, try it. wala naman mawawala sa iyo kundi a little damage on your ego! but what the heck, at least you tried it. I hope to see more of your endearing articles in your blog.   BETH     

I really enjoyed "Life is a Relay".Keep on writing and thanks for sharing.I like your style, simple and straight forward.
                                                                           Hi. When i first looked at your grandma's blogsite, I thought it was somebody else's and you just wanted us to look at it. Now I realized it is yours...great idea and great sharing! Am planning to make a link to it on the Ecclesia of Women in Asia website. Our 2011 conference will be on Wired Asia: Toward a Theology of Human Connectivity, and one possible area of exploration is the impact of computer-mediated technologies on the "elderly". 
Can't be a member yet...but will advertise it to the Lola Techies or potential ones... I did not know you are a good writer...who knows you might even get to publish all your reflections later... AGNES
                                                                           WINNIE Neneng is my sister-in-law. She's a budding writer in her senior years.Don't be mislead by the title of her blog,it's for everyone.Her stories will touch you. It will give you an insight to the joys,sorrows, trials,triumphs,and sacrifices of a parent.
To all who knew my beloved Mom. Read her memoir and battle w/ Alzheimers. Thank you ate Neneng. Mommy will always be remembered for her kindness, compassion, creativity, and having a green thumb by all the people who's lives were touched by her. WINNIE
                                                                         Nabasa ko yung ipinost mo, maganda. Nakaka touch yung mga incident. Puwedeng puwede ka nang maging writer. Naiisip ko tuloy yung kalagayan namin ni Baby, hanggang kailan kaya kami sa ganitong buhay. Paano kung kami na lang. Wala naman kaming ipon, kundi yung pension lang ang inaasahan namin. Hirap talaga pagtumanda na.

 "read your blog, the way you express your thoughts would make me believe that mr. alzheimers is too far from affecting you, really touch by the story. never think that you can narrate the life of mommy the way it was presented in your blog. congatulations.!!!!" 
EDDIE                                    **********************************
wow congrats Neng! you write so's true that life begins at 50! from now on i will be a fan Rain! your Mom is really techie and a good writer. Now I know kung kanino ka nagmana. Dapat gumawa na sya ng mga short stories about love or novels. Idol ko na lang sya di ko kc kaya ang talent nya.  MONET   

Hi Rain! your Mom is really techie and a good writer. Now I know kung kanino ka nagmana. Dapat gumawa na sya ng mga short stories about love or novels. Idol ko na lang sya di ko kc kaya ang talent nya.


Nabasa ko ang iyong blog. Habang binabasa ko ako ay napaiyak. Congratulations ang ganda mong magsulat sa English. Sana makagawa ako ng ganyan. Ok na ilagay mo sa iyong blog. Para magkaroon ng inspiration ang makakabasa nito na lalo na ngayon na maraming nasisirang pamilya o broken familiesJULIE

Asking for permission to post:

Mare, I posted your story  on my blog. If you dont want this story out, please tell me and I will delete it. I just thought your sacrifices as a wife, and as a mother should be read by others. You may be able to inspire others to hold on to their marriage vows.

I was just having doubts that you may not want your children to know.

Permission granted:

You've turned a very very sad story to an inspirational one. I hope I can be as strong and as accepting as tita Julie if and when the situation demands it of me. Keep writing. Keep inspiring others.   SHELL 
Tita Neneng, really as Tita Winnie said you really are a good writer...I really like what you wrote here. As I am reading it, I remember and miss my Mom..she crossed the finish line, and now its my turn to hold the baton as you said it, hope I can hold it well and can pass it good to my little ones...Thank you Tita Neneng, I really am learning something from here...God bless you. MYLAH

"...well who can forget Lola's morcon??? Anyway lahat naman ng luto ni Lola masarap!.   ELINE
Jing : "not to forget Lola's Fita biscuits & Reader's Digest sa center table.
Sheila : "ako yung ice candy milk with mungo beans! and of course, yung reader's digest mags.
I remember Mommy Having the kind compassion who deeply cares for her children. Time will come that our life can be much the same way as Mommy's life or experiences and it's not easy.One thing is for sure that we are never  alone - walk with the LORD and we will find the assurance of GOD's presence in every circumstance .  
Evangeline Zaldivar
Maria Luisa : "Si Auntie Oly naalala ko sa kanyang mga halaman, parang si mommy. Lagi siyang excited kapag nagkukuwento, punong-puno ng buhay! Alam kong masaya na siya sa piling ni Lord ngayon kasama ni Uncle Maning. "                                                  **********************************
Lourdes: Thanks for sharing your sis-in-law's blog Agnes, it was wriiten so lovingly. I'm thinking of honoring Ma in the same way...

Wilfrido David to 
After reading your message and your blogs, I am impressed beyond words. You write well, no denying that, and you knew wherefore to get your articles published. We shall be in communication frequently as we both have mutual interests and perhaps the 'talent' and you can keep on encouraging me by imparting and sharing your experience as a wannabe
writer which we both are.
Thank you, ANNIE, for sharing this on Facebook.
I may not have known your Mom personally, but your sis-in-law's work did a very good job of 'introducing' her to me.
I found this "interesting" because like your Mommy, my Inay, too, was married to a Philippine Constabulary soldier --- the 'glory' days of the PC. (My father did not die in service, though.) Not only that. Inay was also a green-thumb; and how I loved the proliferous bougainvilleas & gumamelas (not to mention the poinsettias, anthuriums & orchids) in our garden! Like your Mommy, Inay, too, had the daintiest embroidery that I have ever seen!
This piece is "nostalgic" because it brings me back to my heritage & my roots. Losing my Tatay when I was just 10, and then my Inay when I was still single, how I now wish I could turn back time! How I wish my children could have seen & felt the love of their maternal grandparents...
But most of all, this is motivational for me for it has stirred in me the urge to recall & write about my own parents --- for my children & the generations to come... It is never too late for me to start now...
If there was an option called "inspiring", I would have clicked it, too. :-)
Thank you again, ANNIE, for sharing.
And thank you, NENG, for sharing your thoughts in writing.
You two have been blessed with such a mother; and she is equally blessed to have you as daughters!
Good luck & God bless!
March 7, 2012 at 11:08 PM

Description: Wilfrido David
Neneng: I cannot help but be impressed with your writing. Did you take up journalism or any writing course of any sort? What I really mean to say is you should be a pro…….. I will continue reading your articles as I learn from your. That thing about the intruders during typhoon Ondong was very well written.Description: 😎Description: 😎

I have read your piece on your ma-in-law's battle with Alzheimer's and was touched by it's human aspect--the possibility of us getting it, too.. Don't worry about your writing or stories being boring or uninteresting, because I find them relevant to the times, fictionalized or real. It is the way they are written. My articles, on the other hand, are more "of-the-moment" and meant to be be "tongue-in-cheek". I plan to read at least one article a day of your compilation. I put your blogspot in my Favorites so that they readily accessible.
Description: Wilfrido David

My daughter and my publisher/writer brother are both and likewise impressed by your style of writing--well composed, and as a non-professional like me, is good enough to author a novel or book. What is a better testimonial than that? 
Bottom of Form

Good day Maam Neng! I repost your blog Sophia is thanking her OB Dra. Tuazon :)to my FB account i hope it is ok with you,she is my OB too, beautiful OB with a kind heart really. Its not easy to get my tears going in Blogs but yours touches my heart how you relate the story of survival, hopes and gratefulness to baby Sophia, she's one the cutest and a fighter baby. I had my miscarriage with our supposed to be first born weeks ago:( it was the saddest part of my life because we waited it for five long years, Dra. Tuazon took care of me for i know no one here in Davao since i am from Cagayan de Oro and i am new here. Despite of what i've been through God is so good for me,it is really true that sometimes God uses others to let us know he is just there watching over us, that HE answers our prayers just like he does with Sophia...let me quote a line from ur blog " I cried real loud to let you know that I am afraid and I am cold, but all I heard was your happy voice exclaiming “success ! ! “. I experience almost the same. The nurse had me sedative/sedation as per order by other Dr. from ER and had me slowly paralyzed but my mind was still fully alived and I heard Dra. "T" entered my room my voice was sinking as i called her "Doc, natatakot ako, pls help me" she held my hands with her soft voice telling me "Oh wag ka na matakot, kaya nga kita dinaanan dito kc i wanted to see and help you"that moment i began to realize that it was one of my prayer to Mother Mary i want her to hold my hands, at the OR before she left i knew she was saying something yet i didn't hear i just saw her smile that reflects that of the face ofJESUS in the movie MARY Part 1 and 2. And just two days ago i visited her in the clinic i was about to buy and hand her a Thank You card but didn't make it so i told her personally what i should have written in the card:),so this is my story that despite what had happened i know God has reasons i may not yet understand why but for sure HE was with me during my struggle in the hospital and through Dra. Tuazon i am a living witness of God's greatness. Sorry 'tis quite long comment:)) Thanks for reading.

Jing Sumatra

COMMENTS (from Inquirer ) on "Coping with Retirement"

Max Edralin Congratulations Neneng. Keep on writing. You write very well.

Mike Sasuman Nice!

Mike Sasuman Consolacion my late mum had the aame thoughts, she became very active in church after her retirement to get meaning and purpose back in her life...

Mari Bermal-Orcenas Is she a new writer/contributor? I always read that has a counterpart which is Youngblood..i also read and collect that...

Lvee Bahia Great read...

Gianni Nick Mano Tita ko yan !!! Proud of you auntie neng!!

Monet Sanchez Gamboa Wow congrats to your mom! proud daughter😀

Julie Pacabis Inspiring! Congratulations Mare!

Withanya Ceetantivech Congratulations mom. Excellent

Janice Pacabis mahusay talaga, ninang! smile emoticon congrats for being published, again!

COMMENTS taken from The Daily Inquirer

Neng, I retired way ahead of you. I was just fortunate that even in my 70s I had a job offer. and worked again for 1-1/2 years. Then I decided to study further online with UP's Open University and earned a Diploma in Language and Literacy Education. There are many things to keep us busy. I'm an artist, so there are several avenues for expression. Now I'm involved in the Coloring for Adults group and my time is not even enough. I'm glad you discovered the cyber world. That alone will occupy a major portion of your time, not to mention the wealth of knowledge you can derive from it.

Thank you. You are right, there are many things a senior can do; I guess it is just finding your niche. You found yours in your art, I found mine in writing and blogging ( Glad to hear from you and about UP's Open University, it might help me be "real writer". Neng

Seek the Kingdom of the LORD and HE will give you the rest of your soul.
Because the end is very near.

diyos ko, nakakainspire naman.

Mia  a day ago
Welcome to the club.

Retirement is the start of APOstolic mission.
Very rewarding INDEED!!!
Learn the ABCs of TABLET with our APOs.
retirement is what you make it

retirement is not the end, it is the beginning of many things, whatever knowledge you acquired can be beneficial to others, it is the other dimensions of our lives where we can be useful or more useful

Just do not be confused between retirement and tiredment. Please Google also about life beyond this earthly being or "life after death" topics.

In this country, retiring is definitely scary. Pension is very small. Most retirees don't have savings for the remaining retirees' life. There is no heath insurance. Sickness will happen sooner or later. Hospitalization and medicines are very expensive. But surely, it is nice to be your own boss again...freedom to do what one wants to do anytime, anywhere.

Gigit Sulit GO, Tita Neng smile emoticon

COMMENTS taken from Inquirer on The Love that Survived.

Julie Pacabis · 
Thank you Mare. To God be the Glory!
Nabasa ko ang iyong blog. Habang binabasa ko ako ay napaiyak. Congratulations ang ganda mong magsulat sa English. Sana makagawa ako ng ganyan. Ok na ilagay mo sa iyong blog. Para magkaroon ng inspiration ang makakabasa nito na lalo na ngayon na maraming nasisirang pamilya o broken families

Max Edralin Wow. I have read it. What a beautiful story. And how an accomplished story teller you have become. Treasure this gift because you have it and you can write more stories from now on. A poignant story and you were able to tell it vividly. Congratulations. 

Thank you. Congrats to your write up in Inquirer! Ang galing sobrang naka relate ako. Me and Nato are also survivors of that kind of struggle in our marriage. Naiyak ako and i am sure marami kang na blessed na couples. Simple story that really happens to every surviving couples.

Carol Fuentes-Duenas Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. 

 Ninotchka Sulit I know right? Tugged my heart

Dea Bulalaque Deiparine A word of wisdom from the parish priest, "Persevere,for you are the light of your family.As long as there is light,no matter how dark the situation is,the family will survive"

Dandoy Dator Fall in love over and over and over and over only with the same person.

Victor Kahoy ang dios ang nagpanukala at nagbasbas ng pag aasawa.tama na till death do us part.maliligtas ang mag asawa sa araw ng hukom.

Kharla De Los Reyes Simply written, but priceless lessons. Thanks for sharing!

Rowena Brazal-buendia Beautiful story.

That is a beautiful story , I got teary eyed

Gigit Sulit just read the article Tita. Slice of life with much to learn from. You should pursue your writing...may mararating. My best to you and everyone there in Davao smile emoticon

From other sources;

Beth Realina -  
I love your story.  it was done beautifully and it really comes from your heart.  you described the situations very well like a professional writer.  I say it so because you know I am a wide reader and  I only read books with authors that are simple and straight to the point.  I enjoy reading it, more so because I know the characters. 

most married couples, if not all, experienced serious problems and if one of them is not strong enough to hold the family together, then the family breaks apart and the children will be the one to suffer the most

SHELL - You've turned a very very sad story to an inspirational one. I hope I can be as strong and as accepting as tita Julie if and when the situation demands it of me.

Keep writing. Keep inspiring others.
The story is very inspiring and i love the way it was i wish i can be a little like you. Will read more of your blogs.

What a nice read! You write very well Neneng. The sentences are short and crisp. You should write more often.