Hi !

Me @ 66

I am Neng Zaldivar, a 66 yrs old former 
employee of an insurance company based in Ayala Ave., Makati; I was also connected with a realty firm based in Ortigas, Pasig. 

When I was younger, 
reading myself to sleep is the most relaxing moment of my day. Now that I am on my "60's", I found reading in bed tiring; instead of getting a good night sleep, most often,  I would get a headache.

Because I cannot read stories in bed anymore, I turned to creating stories in my mind. I am now sharing these stories with you. Some are true, some are not; but all of these were based on what I saw and experienced on my journey called “life”.

 I also posted my thoughts on growing old, the pain and happiness of being in our world for more than 60 yrs now.

me @ 60

And ... because I wanted to preserve my writings for my grandchildren, and because I wanted to share them with you, I created a blog.  

I've learned so many lessons in my 66 yrs. in this world. I have seen so many beautiful things, I have been through sorrows and joys; I wish I could write them all ... until the curtain calls.

Younger years

Again, WELCOME! And ... thank you for giving me your time.